About MAST

Founded by Bill McElroy, Marine Systems Technology, Inc. (MAST) has been involved in numerous imaging, acoustic, ROV and AUV programs over the past two decades, providing electrical, mechanical, optical and software engineering support.

Since 2002, the main focus of the company has been advanced underwater imaging systems, that are sold by the Ocean Imaging Systems (OIS) Division.

In addition to the products developed at OIS the list below details some of the specific systems and programs that we have been involved with:

Film, video and digital still underwater cameras:

  • Benthos model 371/372/373/374/378 Edgerton film cameras
  • Benthos model 380-34/380-16 camera data loggers
  • Benthos TV4200 zoom video cameras
  • Special cameras and lens systems for National Geographic Society

Underwater strobe lighting systems:

  • Benthos 381/382/383/386/387 underwater strobes
  • Custom high speed stroboscopic systems for viewing propeller cavitation
  • Custom high powered, wide area strobes for the National Geographic Society

Acoustic products, including transponders, releases and specialty systems:

  • Marine Systems Technology’s Inverted Echo Sounder
  • Benthos 865/866/877 Releases
  • Benthos XT/TR6000 Transponder/releases
  • Benthos DS8750/DS8000 Deckunits

Underwater optical sensors, including Marine Systems Technology Deep Water Transmissometer.

Remotely Operated Vehicles:

  • Benthos RPV
  • Benthos MMUROV
  • Benthos MiniRover
  • Benthos SeaRover
  • Benthos EROV
  • Benthos Manta
  • Benthos MicRover

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

  • Webb Research MultiTrip Profiler
  • Webb Research Slocum Glider

Satellite Telemetry Systems

  • Orbcomm
  • Iridium